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Mathieu's British Copper

My dear British live in total comfort in my house


My dear British live in total comfort in my house. Nothing is too beautiful for them and they give it back to me.

A love that could seem immoderate but like Saint Augustin d’Hipone would have said, isn’t the measurement of love loving without measurement?

We could also say I live in my cats’ house and not the opposite.

I was able to study the lines of the British of France and abroad. My breeding males come from different countries: Ukraine, Germany, and Poland. Indeed I want to bring some « new blood » to the breed by working in outcrossing. The kilometers to get them are nothing besides their beauty.

“Love is the wisdom of the fool and the folly of the wise” Samuel Johnson.

Mathieu's British Copper

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Of course, all my cats are registered at the LOOF (official book of feline origins), up to date with their vaccines, chipped, dewormed, and decontaminated. I am declared to the Chamber of Agriculture and contributing MSA:
SIREN 890 463 458
SIRET 890 463 458 00012

My cattery is registered at the LOOF under the affix number 34073 and with the name of


I am also declared to the DDSPP of the « Territoire de Belfort » and authorized by the veterinary services ref: 2020-722.


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